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Ayur = Leben & Veda = Wissenschaft / Lehre (Sanskrit)

Es ist ein altes Heilsystem, das auch heute noch vor allem in Indien und Sri Lanka praktiziert wird. Die Prinzipien des Ayurveda basieren darauf, dass alle Lebewesen aus drei Doshas (Energien) bestehen, die Vata (Luft), Pita (Feuer), Kapa (Erde) genannt werden.

Wenn wir geboren werden, sind wir mit einem bestimmten Dosha-Typ geboren. Zum Zeitpunkt unserer Geburt sind diese drei Doshas in perfektem Gleichgewicht, das uns gesund leben lässt. Da wir aufgrund unserer verschiedenen Lebensstile, Alter, Nahrung, die wir essen, Arbeit, Wetter, allgemeine schlechte Lebensgewohnheiten aufwachsen, kommen die drei Doshas aus dem Gleichgewicht. Das macht uns krank


Ask yourself following questions

1. Is everything I eat easily digested ?

2. Do I feel calm and grounded within myself ?

3. Do I have enough energy to get me through the day ?

4. Do I sleep soundly through the night ?

5. Do I wake up in the morning and feel happy to go about my day ?


At AIDA Ayurveda Resorts we use a simple 3 step approach to give “Health – Beauty & Peace”

Step 1: Conditioning

Step 2: Eliminating Toxins

Step 3: Rejuvenation

Step 1: Conditioning

A personal and serious consultation with our in house Ayurveda Doctor is done as our first step. Our very well educated and experience Doctor can determine you Dosha type and how unbalance it is by checking your pulse or “Nadi” (Sanskrit). Our doctors are very understandable and they are very good listeners.

The staff speaks good level of English and we have a German, Russian, Italian, and French translators readily available.Since we are all unique individuals chief consultant will determine suitable treatments for best results. Then only we start our program with you. A strict diet plan is also given.Guided Yoga and Meditation is provided to ease and calm your mind during this initial period to put you in to the right mind set. Relaxation massages to your head, face, and foot and back is also given to make you ready for the next stage.


Next is cleaning or detoxifying your internal organs using medicine and special treatments like enema to eliminate any toxins in your body.After another consultation with our doctor our therapists will prepare you bladder purification (purgation) as most of the bodily toxins remains in this area. If needed we also use leach to suck out poison. This treatment is called “Rakthamokshana”.

When toxin levels are high addition methods like vomiting, enema and Nasal Administration is given.Chinese “Acupuncture” placing needles to stimulate energy flow is also practiced by our chief doctor if needed.


Finally, Ayurveda Treatments and Medicine to rejuvenate and revitalize.This is when we use our signature treatments which have been passing down to us by our ancestors to fast track your health development.

Our treatments will awaken your Chakra’s giving you internal energy (chi Power) making you feel light and feeling strong. For an example we use flow of mild warm medicated oil pouring on your forehead continuously for 45 minutes to awaken the third eye or the Ajna Chakra. Ancient rishis believe by stimulating this marma point it helps to ease anxiety and deep hidden negative feelings like sorrow. Some cry getting emotional, some smile and some sleep during this treatment but all feel so calm and relaxed after. This technique is called “Shirodhara” in Ayurveda.sAt AIDA Ayurveda Resorts, we practice more than 20 different treatments as needed. Among the favorite is the AIDA Signature Belly massage© using herbal powder to reduce belly fat. We have witness over the last 20 years at our Health Resort how quickly and easy our Clients lose weight, improve skin complexion, finds sound sleep and revive youth and sex life sometimes half way our program.


You will receive minimum of 5 different types of treatments per day Minimum of 4 times consultation with the doctorDaily medical intakes served to you at the restaurant by a medical officer prior/post mealsMinimum 4 times per week Yoga